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1. Public quotation

SGC is not responsible for appearance of inaccurate or false information and also for using content of the web site or links to other resources found on this web site by you. Author is not responsible for any damage or prejudice, partially or fully caused by the circumstances; which are beyond authorís control and which are concerned with gathering, acquiring and providing the information from this web site with all its shortcomings, errors and inaccuracy. SGC reserves to itself an explicit right to add, update, delete and temporarily (or permanently) stop publications.

2. Links and mentioning

SGC becomes responsibility for direct or indirect usage of links on other web sites, which are not belong to SGC, only if the author is familiarized with the content and have the possibility to avoid unlawful usage of information. SGC strongly states that to the date of links publication all corresponding web sites donít contain any illegal information. SGC doesnít influence on current and future content of the web sites, which it references to. Consequently SGC is not responsible for change of information on these web sites. This statement is valid for all links published on the SGC web site and also for links published in guest books, forums and lists of addresses. The owner of the web site is responsible for the damage, caused by usage of illegal, inaccurate or incomplete information from the web site, but not the person who put reference on this web site.

3. Trade mark and subject of copyright

SGC Company aims to observe copyright on the graphics, texts, audio and video materials used in all publications on the web site, and to use own or license-free graphics, text, audio and video materials. All the mentioned content of the web site and also a trade marks and commercial labels, protected by the third parties, unrestrictedly obey to the norms, corresponding to the actual rights of trade marks and commercial labels possession. Separate mentioning doesnít mean that the trade marks are not protected by the third parties! The copyright on objects, published by SGC, belongs to the author of the web site. Spreading or use of graphics, text, audio and video materials on other electronic editions or printing without SGC consent is prohibited.

4. Legal force of this disclaimer

This disclaimer should be considered as the part of the web site that references the other parts of the web site. Content and legality of other parts of the web site stay invariable, because some parts or wordings of this text may not fully conform to legal position currently in force.


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